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Commercial & Corporate

Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts including shareholders’ agreements, loan agreements, share purchase/sale agreements, service/supply/outsourcing agreements, assignments, novations, terms & conditions of business, acknowledgements of Debt, loan agreements.

Provide advice & guidance on corporate, commercial, contractual and regulatory/compliance matters.

Provide general corporate structure and company secretarial guidance and support.

Maintain or assist in the maintenance of copy contract data base for your firm categorised as to client, IT, general supplier, NDA’s, premises, other.

Drafting & negotiating Terms of Business for Barristers to ensure that provisions re payment, use of advice/opinions in other matters within the instructing solicitors is permitted, etc. and are appropriate as BSB’s standard terms and Commercial Bar terms offer inadequate protection for instructing solicitors. Have experience negotiating terms with over 90 sets of barristers’ chambers in England & Wales.

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